New North Pole Railroad Train Cars Available For Preorder

BrickTracks has announced two new train cars for the North Pole Railroad that are now available for preorder!

The NPRR Sleigh Flat Car set contains 500 pieces and is designed to pair up with LEGO 40499 – Santa’s Sleigh (note that the sleigh itself is not included in the flat car set so you must have a copy of LEGO 40499 if you want the sleigh). This set was originally intended to release in 2022, but due to supply chain issues was delayed until this year. I personally can’t wait to build this awesome looking flat car and it will be an excellent addition to our BrickTracks North Pole Railroad set (see our videos about it here).

The NPRR Reindeer Stock Car set contains 1700 pieces and sports the new North Pole Railroad logo! This 40′ stock car is designed to hold up to four reindeer and the set even comes with a decal sheet with 10 reindeer names so that you can customize the nameplates on the car. When purchasing the set you are also given the option of having reindeer included (for an additional fee) so that you can populate the interior of the car. This is another awesome idea for a train car and I can’t wait to add it to our train!

Overall both of these train cars look to be great additions to the North Pole Railroad series and I can’t wait to get them running around our layout! For more information about these awesome train cars make sure to follow the links below to see them in the BrickTracks store!

Tap here to view the NPRR Sleigh Flat Car set in the BrickTracks store

Tap here to view the NPRR Reindeer Stock Car set in the BrickTracks store

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