New Industrial LEGO Train Instructions By BrickPolis

BrickPolis released new instructions on Rebrickable this month for an awesome looking Industrial Train. The train consists of an engine as well as 3 cars (Box Car, Tank Wagon, Sphere Wagon) for it to pull. The train is 8 studs wide and requires 1782 parts. I really like that the designer has drawn on their background in chemistry to put together the theme and look of this train which is meant to haul the raw materials needed by a chemical plant. Out of the three cars that are pulled in this train the Sphere Wagon is my favorite based on its distinct look and shape.

I really like building and running a diverse set of trains to perform various tasks throughout my LEGO City so I’m quite excited about this train design. I will be looking to gather the parts required to build it in the near future and I will post more once I have built it.

Click here to learn more about this build and get the instructions.

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