New LEGO Icing House And Platform Instructions By jepaz Available On Rebrickable

Rebrickable user jepaz has released a great set of instructions for building a cool looking Icing House And Platform to support the rail industry on your layout! This impressive build is the 4th style of Icing House And Platform that jepaz has designed and requires 6943 parts to build. The footprint of the build looks to be roughly 6 MILS modules (3 by 2). I am a big fan the work that jepaz does and this looks to be a great addition to the list of impressive LEGO instruction sets that he has for sale on Rebrickable.

Pre-refrigeration (and even for a period of time afterwards) this style of building and platform was used to produce ice that could be that used by refer cars to transport perishable goods by train. The coloring on the Icing House is great and I really like how it is sized in comparison to the platform itself. The whole structure looks accurate and will definitely stand out as a point of interest on any layout it is included in. I also really like the fact that jepaz includes a number of trees, plants, and road details in all of his builds to really fill out the entirety of the footprint that the build uses.

Overall this LEGO Icing House And Platform (Style 4) build looks great and I could definitely see this being a great addition to any LEGO Train layout. If you are interested in learning more about this great set of instructions you can follow the link below.

Tap here to view the LEGO Icing House And Platform (Style 4) by jepaz on Rebrickable

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