LEGO EMD GT42CU-AC Pacific National Locomotive Instructions By Yellow.LXF Available On Rebrickable

Rebrickable user Yellow.LXF has released a new instruction set for an awesome looking LEGO EMD GT42CU-AC Pacific National Locomotive! The locomotive requires 2072 parts and in order to motorize it you need 2 Powered Up L motors due to its length. This is a really impressive 8 wide locomotive model both for its large size (70 studs long), but also its faithful recreation of the source material. I also really like the blue and yellow color scheme for the model which is very eye catching.

Overall this is a really awesome looking locomotive and given its size I think it is really impressive that it is motorized. The designer has managed to pack in a number of great details around the model including the texture and greebles around the wheels, the railing work on the side of the locomotive, and the great decal artwork along the side of the locomotive. To learn more about this great looking set of locomotive instructions by Yellow.LXF make sure to follow the link below to check out the Rebrickable page for them!

Tap here to view the EMD GT42CU-AC Pacific National instructions by Yellow.LXF on Rebrickable

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