LEGO Red River Valley & Western SD70MAC Instructions By jepaz Available On Rebrickable

Rebrickable user jepaz has released a cool new set of instructions for building a LEGO Red River Valley & Western SD70MAC locomotive! This locomotive build requires 2060 parts and looks like it would be a great addition to any LEGO rail layout. I am a big fan of the work that jepaz does and this looks to be another great addition to the list of impressive LEGO instruction sets that he has for sale on Rebrickable.

The coloring of this locomotive is very eye catching and jepaz has done an excellent job of recreating the overall shape of the locomotive in addition to the railings/bars around the sides and front end. I found it interesting to learn from Wikipedia that “the Red River Valley and Western Railroad (reporting mark RRVW) is a regional railroad operating in the US states of North Dakota and Minnesota”. I also thought it was interesting that the railroad “began operations in 1987 in an era of railroad restructuring” and that it originally had “648 miles (1,043┬ákm) of track, that it acquired from the Burlington Northern Railroad”. I don’t see anything about motors mentioned on the product page, but as usual I expect that the designer has taken this into account and they shouldn’t be too bad to add on.

Overall this LEGO Red River Valley & Western SD70MAC locomotive build looks awesome and I look forward to seeing it in action either in our own LEGO City or out at a pubic convention. If you are interested in learning more about this great set of instructions you can follow the link below.

Tap here to view the LEGO Red River Valley & Western SD70MAC locomotive on

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